Harlow Terminus House

Harlow- Terminus House

Harlow new town was built after World War II to ease overcrowding in London and has the third highest proportion of social housing in England with a total of 81,944 properties. In 1951 the Lawn was Britain’s first residential tower block, as well as the location for its first pedestrian precinct, and set a precedent for what has been termed modernist/brutalist architecture.

Some of these buildings have deteriorated significantly and are now affected by a catalogue of issues such as damp, fire hazards, electrical hazards and infestations. Residents living in these properties could previously take no legal action to fix these problems, as they were classed as inherent design defects rather than disrepair.

On the 20th March 2020 (Homes) Fitness for Human Habitation Act came into force, meaning all homes must be fit for human habitation irrespective of what has caused the problems. This means that if you have previously tried to take legal action but were told that you didn’t have a case, then circumstances have changed.

One of the buildings most affected by these recent changes is Terminus House, which was previously an office block, but has now been transformed into what numerous newspapers have referred to as a human warehouse.  Terminus House consists of 222 flats over 11 floors and each property is affected by a catalogue of hazards. 

If you or anyone you know lives in this building or any other property affected by similar problems, then please contact us and we will facilitate the necessary repairs and secure compensation on your behalf.

Harlow Terminus House

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