Q. Is there any cost to me in joining an Action Group or making a claim?

A. No there is no cost to you at all. The cost of surveyors and Tenant Claim and our solicitors is all an entirely free service.


Q. Will I receive compensation?

A. Yes in nearly all cases tenants receive compensation, which can be considerable.


Q. What happens when I join an Action Group?

A. You will be amongst a number of tenants in your estate or tower block who have provided details of disrepair to your property that should be addressed with your landlords. Tenant Claim’s solicitors will contact your landlords to address this and make a claim against them where the response is unsatisfactory or where they are negligent in their responsibilities as a landlord.


Q. Can I make a claim against my landlords if there is no Action Group for my estate or tower block?

A. Yes, you can be the first to do so if our surveyors deem your property to be unfit.


Q. Will I have any problems with my landlords as a result of joining an Action Group or making a claim?

A. No, your landlords cannot punish you or evict you for seeking what you are entitled to.


Q. What is the process for notifying my landlords about my disrepair?

A. The Ministry for Justice’s Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Claims (England) should be followed in all cases. Once the tenant has issued the letter of claim, the landlord should reply within 20 days of receipt of the letter. The landlord’s response should include whether a single joint expert is agreed or whether the landlord agrees to a joint inspection. If the landlord does not respond within 20 working days of receipt of the letter of claim or not all, there is a breach of the protocol and the tenant is then able to issue proceedings against the landlord.