About Us

Tenant Claim is a collaboration of lawyers and surveyors dedicated to protecting the rights of tenants. We are a community-driven organisation working with action groups across the country to enforce repairs and obtain compensation. We specialise in the social housing sector and our vision is a country where everyone has an affordable home fit for human habitation.

On 20th March 2020 Homes (Fitness for human habitation Act) 2018 became law. This provides hundreds of thousands of previously helpless tenants with a legal remedy to enforce repairs and obtain compensation. The reason for this is that before the recent change to the law then hazards such as damp, mould and infestations had to have been caused by disrepair to the structure and/or exterior of the building. Therefore where problems were caused by issues affecting the building itself rather than disrepair, then no legal action could be taken.

The rule that all homes must be fit for human habitation, was previously a legal requirement, but became obsolete over time. This is because the maximum annual rent to which it applied was never raised above £80, in Inner London, and £52 in Outer London. This meant that many tenants living in poor and sometimes dangerous conditions could do nothing about it until this now.

Tenants most affected by these recent changes are those living in tower blocks, maisonettes and many newer estates. This is because the majority of problems experienced in these buildings are simply caused by poor design rather than being the result of disrepair. Even if you have had an unsuccessful claim in the past, the law is now in your favour. As long as the issues are not your fault, have been reported, and not been repaired within a reasonable timeframe, then we are confident that we can enforce repairs and obtain compensation on your behalf.

The National Office of Statistics records, 4.13 million homes, in the social sector in England, and 239,000 in Wales. Currently, 525,000 social homes in England, do not meet the National Decent Homes Standard. Therefore if you live in social housing then there is a very high likelihood that either you or people that you know are affected by these problems. If this is the case then please contact us and we will assess your case immediately.